Our Program

Grades Taught



At My PATH, we believe learning happens everywhere. We provide students with hands-on experiences to deepen their understanding and make learning fun. With passion comes enthusiasm and positivity. By offering opportunities that fuel a student’s passion, we create a healthy learning environment where every student can share their strengths, talents or gifts.

My PATH is a community partnership program based at Connections for Learning that offers students a diverse blend of health and wellness activities to complement the core academic schedule. My PATH is open to students in Grades 1-9 who meet the program criteria.

The program focuses on these key areas to support the development of healthy, engaged lifelong learners:

  • Physical Activity and Recreational Sport
  • Outdoor Adventure and Nature-Based Learning
  • Fine and Performance Arts
  • Nutrition and Healthy Behaviours
  • Citizenship and Volunteerism
  • Career and Life Skills

At My PATH, we believe that students are more able to succeed when they have the support of their teachers and school staff, as well as their family and their community. We focus on providing quality health and wellness programming for students to thrive so they can achieve better outcomes academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to prepare students for a lifelong path to good health.

Through community partnerships, My PATH provides purposeful programming designed to promote acceptance of oneself and others, build a better sense of community, foster healthy relationships with peers and adults, encourage healthy behaviours and develop essential life skills.

We further holistic learning by co-creating opportunities with the community for youth to learn and serve in the areas of physical education, art, technology and health, resulting in stronger citizen education and more resilient life-long learners.

Core Values

Community Connection

  • We engage in our local community to develop the knowledge, skills and values to make a difference
  • We believe education and community are necessary partners in learning
  • We demonstrate honesty, integrity and respect for all
  • We believe that anyone can impact change
  • We value collaboration
  • We celebrate diversity and unity

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Spirit

  • We strive to make healthy choices daily for our body, mind and soul
  • We value ourselves and others and treat our bodies and minds with care
  • We practice acceptance, forgiveness and mindfulness
  • We believe preparation, commitment and perseverance help to achieve our goals

Learning Through Exploration

  • We never stop being curious and asking questions
  • We help each other overcome challenges
  • We are open and willing to take risks and try new things

Pursuing Excellence

  • We know hard work is necessary to pursuing one’s passion
  • We strive to improve, and we know with failure comes growth
  • We celebrate others' successes
  • We set goals and challenge ourselves to reach our full potential
  • We value a growth mindset approach to learning