Participant Promise

  • I promise to participate in all activities provided by the My PATH Program and to demonstrate a willingness to try and to cooperate to maintain the cohesiveness of the class.
  • I promise to commit to my academic pursuits.

  • I promise to always respect myself, my peers, my teachers and coaches, as well as the spaces and equipment provided.

  • I promise to use words of encouragement and support towards myself and my peers.

  • I promise to accept and embrace challenges as they help me learn and grow.

  • I promise to come to each class on time and fully prepared for the activity.

  • I promise to use caution and always conduct myself in a safe manner. I will not use equipment or perform an activity without proper supervision and permission from my instructor.

  • I promise to have fun, and provide feedback to my instructors.

  • I promise to look after my equipment, supplies, and maintain a tidy area. I also promise to participate in the clean-up efforts required after some activities.